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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lions and Tigers and Dragons…Oh My! By A.J. Llewellyn

I have always loved dragons. 

As a kid, I grew up on fairytales and loved the legends associated with them. I adored the song Puff the Magic Dragon and tried not to listen when my teenage cousins tried to tell me it was a metaphor for puffing a joint. I didn’t want to hear that. I wanted to be Little Jackie Paper. I wanted to be the one who brought Puff strings, sealing wax and other fancy stuff, like the song lyrics stated.

I did, however, always wonder what the other fancy stuff might have been and didn’t want to believe it might have been stuff like Zig Zags, a Zippo lighter, a roach, or an apple bong. I had a cousin who smoked his weed via an apple converted into a bong. It was bizarre. 

Bizarre. Bizarre. Bizarre.

I liked to think that other fancy stuff entailed food. Preferably cream cakes, cookies, and chocolates. I had a sweet tooth and I assumed dragons would too.

When the Dennis Quaid movie Dragonheart came out in the mid 1990s, I adored it. I saw it three times at the movies and was crushed, absolutely gutted when film critic Roger Ebert said at the time, "While no reasonable person over the age of 12 would presumably be able to take it seriously, it nevertheless has a lighthearted joy…”

Excuse me. I took the movie damned seriously. I couldn’t wait to get it on video, then DVD. I became so obsessed with dragons, I even bought one in Maui, a 3D big green thing that’s been on my living room wall ever since. I love that picture. It’s interesting though. Not many people get my thing for dragons. In face a therapist friend of mine was convinced I was silently screaming to be rescued and thought she was doing me a great big favor by giving me copy of the self-help book, Slay Your Own Dragons: How Women Can Overcome Self-Sabotage in Love and Work. I was really offended at the notion that I was searching for a man to be all things to me, but damn it, isn’t that true of all of us who believe in love.

And in hindsight, I should have heeded some of the good advice in the book, but that’s by the by. I have always written about men who love men. Some are searching for the ideal man. Others like the two in my new story About a Dragon, have sort of given up on love until they meet each other.

About a Dragon: Synopsis
TV writer Teddy Greist thinks he’s met the perfect guy. The man with the unusual name of Song Smith is so wonderful, Teddy couldn’t have written him better. He’s sexy, soulful, full of ambition, and—oh, no, Teddy soon realizes—just a little bit crazy.

Just as Teddy’s getting comfortable with the idea of being in love and having his hit show Oahu P.D. on the air at the same time, Song suddenly confesses to some weird family curse, then dumps Teddy faster than a bowl of soggy chicken dumplings.

Song is wild about Teddy, who’s changing his life in so many ways. But will Teddy still love him in return when he learns just how demented Song’s family really is? Can their budding romance survive the twisted tale of his father’s disappearance? And what will Teddy say when it becomes all too clear it has a lot to do with strings, sealing wax, and other fancy stuff?

Oh, and one more thing—it’s all about a dragon, too.

Genres: Gay / Contemporary Fantasy / Shapeshifter / The Arts / Action / Adventure 
HeatLevel: 3 
Length: Novella (27k words)

*     *     *
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  1. I can not wait to read this AJ!!!!! oxoxoxoxox

  2. This sounds really interesting, AJ. I absolutely LOVE dragons, and have already purchased two in the set, but have to wait for finances before I can buy any more.

  3. Thank you Silver and Alison! Alison you might get lucky and win!!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the post AJ! I loved Dragonheart too. I love your wall dragon too. It's amazing.