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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

It’s What’s Under the Hood That Counts...by Adrianna Dane

We are many different people inside. More so if you’re a writer, I think. And for a writer, as we craft our stories, we have to dig deep inside–not just get below the surface for our characters, but get below the surface for the location, the objects, the symbols that populate the story and our characters’ lives.

One of the objects I focus on in “Love Me Tonight,” is a candy apple red vintage Ford Galaxie car. The color red is the color of passion, so the car must be red. Could I find the right vehicle for this story.  The interior had to be right–the color, the texture, the ambiance inside. The contrast of the cared for vintage vehicle with the rundown motel. The fact the car was the bonding agent between Lando and his uncle, and then again between Lando and Casper. It’s a making out on back roads kind of car, it’s a passionate kind of car with windows that steam up beautifully. It’s a dangerous kind of car. All of these elements factor into creating the scene where the men come together in the car.

The intimate atmosphere, away from the focus of the bed and sexual expectancy in the motel room, puts Casper a little off kilter. He had it all planned out. Just one night of hot sex with a man he’s lusted for. And then Lando changes location on him. Casper is vulnerable outside that room and the interior of the Galaxie keeps him on edge–well, for more reasons than one, but that’s a story about another object. :-)

The car in some ways is the catalyst for the next level of this unexpected relationship. Details are important. Color, condition–no bucket seats.

Here’s a short excerpt from that very important, pivotal scene in “Love Me Tonight.”

Lando grinned. He shimmied across the red leather seat and kissed Casper. And oh, what a beautiful kiss it was. "I like the way you kiss," Lando said. "And did I mention I like your ass? You have a great ass."

"Thank you,' Casper said, a little breathless after the kiss. "I can't wait to see yours."

Lando kissed him again. "You will," he promised, "eventually. He slid a hand beneath Casper's shirt and played with Casper's tits, then French kissed him, with deep, hungry demands.

"You are an amazing kisser," Casper said, barely able to catch his breath. Lando fingered Casper's tit, rolling it between his thumb and first finger. He tugged on it. Casper arched upward. He felt the plug shift in his ass. "And I like this, making out in your car. I've never made out in a car before." It didn't smell old, it smelled...like Lando. Bits of vanilla and sandalwood, earthy and fine.

"You haven't?" Lando seemed surprised. "You know, I've never made out in this car. I only use it when I have to go out of town. Otherwise I take the bus or the train. I rent space where I keep this baby. Secure place, not like where I live. I've never made out in it before. Not until tonight. I'm thinking it's not like those new ones--this is a car for having some fun." He laughed.


My favorite car? A red Ford Mustang. What’s yours?


Love Me Tonight by Adrianna Dane is now available at Amber Allure.

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